So you’ve quit your corporate job to pursue your passion for photography. You finally got tired of the monotony and the adventurous artist in you is craving a more colourful life. Now you’re eager to find your niche and make your mark.

Crowdfunding platforms, especially in the west, have seen them all. From camera equipment to photo books to pinhole cameras, photographers have been able to raise thousands of dollars, exceeding their goal amounts by a large margin. They were able to afford the material they needed to better their practice and get recognition.

Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have seen successful fundraisers for wildly varying causes around the world. Sculptors, painters, animators, designers, musicians and nearly every other kind of artist out there have tried their hand at crowdfunding and been pleasantly surprised by the results.

How does crowdfunding work?

Photographers can create a campaign, fill their story with their best work (and links to a full portfolio on a platform like Behance), make their appeal and spread the word through social media. They can approach relevant social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and ask them to make an appeal on their behalf as well.

Not only are photographers and other artists able to raise funds, but they’re also able to use their campaigns as the ideal platform to connect with other artists and exchange information. Campaigns also help pique the interests of art curators and collectors, giving artists a leeway to get their work some publicity and recognition. This way, artists are able to engage with different kinds of people that appreciate their work and are willing to fund their material and equipment.

Crowdfunding ideas for amateur photographers

  1. If you’re deeply interested in the field but don’t think you’re skilled enough to make it, considering taking a course! Raise funds from family, friends and even strangers to afford online or offline courses and workshops that can improve your skills.
  1. Did you recently put together one of your best collections? Run a crowdfunding India campaign to afford venue and set-up costs to hold an exhibition! Displaying your talent is important when you’re looking to establish your image.
  2. Considering getting into wildlife or travel photography? Air travel can be expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you. Garner support from your networks in your new endeavour through crowdfunding!

Tips on running a successful campaign

  1. Make sure to make your appeal transparent and detailed. Donors usually want to know the same set of details: Why is the cause important to you? (Don’t be afraid to display emotion here.)
    Where will the money be going? (Give a concise break-up of fund utilization.)
    Why can’t you afford the expenses yourself?
  1. Make sure to include several samples of your work and talk about the inspiration and story behind each image. This will deepen your cause and help make a connect with potential donors.
  1. Persuade your friends and family into making a donation right after your fundraiser goes live. No stranger will promote or donate to an empty fundraiser!

Running a crowdfunding India campaign can be a little tough, as many Indians are most willing to give to nonprofit and medical fundraisers. However, with some determination and effort, many Indian artists have been able to run successful fundraisers and so can you!