With endless skin treatments available today, making a choice is harder than ever. If you have signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and hollows, Sculptra might be one of the better options. This is an FDA-approved dermal filler, also known as PLLA (poly-L-lacticacid), which works wonders for restoring soft-tissue volume loss. Here are some of the facts worth knowing about Sculptra.

Basics about Sculptra

Sculptra is ideal for correcting facial fat loss. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and firmness. Sculptra stimulates the production of collagen over a period of time, which helps in restoring the natural glow and firmness of the skin. It works best on the cheeks and temples of the face, although it can be used for treating abdomen, buttocks and arms too. This brings us to an important question – Is Sculptra the same as hyaluronic acid fillers? While it is categorized as a filler in broader terms, it is not one. Sculptra is injected just like fillers, but it is more of a ‘biostimulant’. Also, this is a progressive treatment, so don’t expect results instantly as with hyaluronic acid fillers. With time, though, the treatment will ensure that you have a plumper and more lifted face.

Getting treated

Before you consider Sculptra, find a good clinic, such as Clinique Anti Aging. It is important to seek consultation from a known and professional clinic that has the required setup and a panel of reliable skin experts. Depending on the kind of depression or volume loss on your face, you may need at least two sessions after a gap of around two to three months. Please note that collagen reduces with age, so someone over 45 will need more sessions of Sculptra than someone at 31. Much like dermal fillers, you will need maintenance treatments, and ideally, it is best to revisit the clinic at least once in a year. Do not compromise on the quality of the treatment at any point. In short, avoid clinics that  offer cheap prices, because they are probably compromising on one aspect or another.

Sculptra is a great choice for people who just want to improve the natural volume of their face. In some countries, it is not approved for body treatment but can be used for facial injections. Please check with a local clinic to know more, and insist on seeing a few ‘before & after’ photos.